What is a meal-kit?
A meal-kit is a package with all the ingredients required to cook a meal in under 25 minutes in your kitchen, alongside an easy-to-follow recipe card, in English and Urdu, that will guide you or your cook step-by-step on how to use those ingredients to cook your meal. The ingredients included are fresh, clean, of the highest quality, already cut into form that is ready for cooking, and pre-measured and portioned according to the recipe and number of servings ordered.
Why does ordering GetCookin meal-kits end up costing me less than shopping for ingredients myself?
Firstly, because you pay for the exact quantity of each ingredient you need for that meal by ordering our meal-kits, whereas you must pay for a full bottle, packet etc. for each ingredient if you go shopping at a supermarket.

Secondly, you consume everything that was delivered in our meal-kit while cooking your meal whereas you could end up wasting expensive ingredients if you buy excessive quantities from supermarkets.

Third, you save travelling cost (fuel, uber/careem etc.) by not needing to go shopping for ingredients because we deliver to your doorstep. This cost can be even higher because at times you don’t get all these specialty ingredients at one place.
How do I save time by ordering GetCookin meal-kits?
Usually 75% of the time in the kitchen is spent on preparation of ingredients such as washing, peeling, cutting, measuring etc. and 25% of the time is spent on cooking. By ordering our meal-kits, you save 75% of that preparation time because we do all the preparation for you!

Secondly, you save the time of looking for recipes, travelling to supermarkets, looking for the ingredients and standing in cashier lines.
Why should I order GetCookin meal-kits instead of ordering home delivery from restaurants?
Firstly, because our recipes have been developed by highly experienced chefs who have worked in kitchens of high-end restaurants in Lahore. Therefore, the quality of our recipes and ingredients is as good if not better than your favourite restaurants.

Secondly, it takes on average 45 minutes to get food delivered from restaurants, during which time the food loses most of its freshness and warmth, while exposing the food to bacteria and dust during packaging, handling by riders and travel. By ordering GetCookin meal-kits, you can cook the food in less than 25 minutes (some meals take only 10 minutes) in your kitchen without any hassle and you get to eat fresh, warm, aromatic and hygienic meals.


How can I place my order through the website?
You can view our full menu by clicking on the "Meal Kits" link on the tab at the top of this page. From there, you can choose your meal kit and select the number of persons you are ordering for. You can also choose to add rice in your meal kit by checking the "Add Rice" option if it is available and the number of persons who want rice. Rice will not be included in your meal kit if you do not choose to select the rice option.

After making your selection, click on "Add to Order" link just below the menu item. This order will be added in your cart (link at the top right corner of the page). You have the option of choosing different meal kits before you confirm your order.

To confirm your order, go to your cart and enter your delivery address information before clicking on "Order Now". You will receive an order confirmation email if you have entered your email address before confirming your order.

If you have registered and signed in before adding your order to the cart, the system will automatically fetch your delivery address that you used while registering.
How can I place my order if I am not able to access the website?
You can call us or whatsapp us on 0303 0890719.
When will I receive my order?
You will receive your meal kit anytime within 2 hours of confirming the order. Delivery timings are listed at the top of this page. If your order is placed within our delivery timings, your order will be delivered within 2 hours of order placement. If your order is placed at a time outside our delivery timings, your order will be delivered when our delivery timings start again.
Can I change/cancel my order?
Please call us as soon as you have changed your mind. We will check whether your order has been prepared by then or not. If not, we will accommodate your request.
Do I have to cook my meal kit immediately after receiving it?
No you don't have to, but you must refrigerate your meal kit immediately upon receiving it and you must cook it within 24 hours. You must NOT freeze the meal kit after receiving it. That will spoil the quality of the ingredients.