About Get Cookin'

For the first time in Pakistan, Get Cookin’ is introducing the meal-kit delivery concept. A meal-kit is a package with all the ingredients required to cook a meal, alongside an easy-to-follow cooking guide, in English and Urdu, that will guide you or your cook step-by-step on how to use those ingredients to cook your meal. The ingredients included are fresh, clean, of the highest quality, already cut into form that is ready for cooking, and pre-measured and portioned according to the recipe and number of persons eating. Our recipes have been developed by highly rated chefs worldwide. Initially, our menu includes only exotic dishes from the Chinese, Thai and Italian cuisine. To make it more interesting for our customers, we add new items each week!!

Benefits for our customers


The meal-kit will be delivered at your doorstep within 2 hours of placing the order, so you don’t have to go out grocery shopping or looking for special ingredients that are not always readily available everywhere. Moreover, the ingredients in the meal-kit are already peeled and cut into form that is ready to cook, so no mess created in your kitchen and time saved to cook a meal.

Value For Money

Our meal-kits cost you much lesser than what it costs to order home delivery from restaurants offering similar quality options.

Freshness and Hygiene

Every time you place an order, you will receive fresh and clean ingredients in hygienic and secure packaging.

No Food Wasted

All the ingredients that you receive are portioned according to the recipe and your required number of servings, so nothing is leftover to go waste in the fridge or kitchen cupboards.

Enjoy Exotic Meals At Home

Now you don't need to rely on restaurants to enjoy an exotic meal. Following our cooking guide that comes with the meal-kit, you can very conveniently prepare such meals at home and eat them fresh and warm.

How it works

Step 1:

Register yourself on our website and sign-in from your account. This will help you avail discounts offered in our promotions. Alternatively, you can skip this part and move directly to ordering as a guest. You can also call us to place your order.

Step 2:

Click on the Meal-Kit link at the top of the website, choose your preferred dish item, select the number of persons eating, add rice if needed, and click on Add to Order. Your order will then be added to the cart. You can select more dish items before confirming your order.

Step 3:

Click on the Item link at the top right corner of the website to view your order. If you have registered and signed in, the system will automatically fetch your delivery address details and you can click on Order Now. If you are ordering as a guest, add your delivery details and click on Order Now.

Step 4:

Our staff will prepare your meal-kit according to our recipe and for your required number of persons that you specified in the order.

Step 5:

Once all the ingredients have been added to your meal-kit box, we will include a detailed cooking guide with instructions in both English and Urdu.

Step 6:

We will print an invoice with total due amount and the delivery address, and attach it to your meal-kit box.

Step 7:

Our delivery staff will pick-up your meal-kit and deliver it to your address within 2 hours of order placement.

Step 8:

You will follow the instructions on the cooking guide and cook a delicious meal. Ultimate indulgence will then follow...

Our Standards


We operate in a facility that is renovated, equipped and maintained to ensure utmost hygiene and temperature control levels required to deliver the highest quality of ingredients in our meal-kits.


Our staff has working experience at high-end restaurants and follows best-practices in food safety while preparing your meal-kit orders, such as washing and sanitizing hands frequently, and wearing hand gloves, face masks, head covers and a clean uniform while working in the facility.


We wash and disinfect all the ingredients upon delivery from the vendor, and we use separate and sanitized preparation area and utensils for meat, vegetables and sauces.


We store all our ingredients inside sanitized containers and bags, in cool and refrigerated spaces with ideal humidity/moisture levels to maintain their freshness at the highest level.


We vacuum seal all our meat and vegetables before we include them in your order, and we use high quality and air-tight containers for sauces and spices.


Our delivery bikes are fitted with insulated ice boxes that ensure temperature control during transport, while creating a solid dust barrier.


Area of Coverage

We deliver all across Lahore. Soon, we will be launching in other cities.