Chicken Patiala (Boneless)

Cooking Time: 15-20 minutes
Spice Level: Medium
Allergy Info: Contains Cashew Nuts
Rs. 250 per person
 Rs. 55 per Bottle
Meal-Kit Description
  • This creamy and spicy Punjabi chicken curry, while not quite as popular as chicken korma or butter chicken, is definitely in their same league. While different in flavor, Chicken Patiala is just as decadent.
What's Included
  • What’s included in the meal-kit:

    Desi Marinated Chicken Cubes
    Sauté Mix
    Sauce Mix
    Garnish Mix

    What you should have:

    2 deep frying pans
    2 cooking stoves
    1 strainer
    Any cooking oil (1 glass x number of persons)
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