Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes
Spice Level: Low
Allergy Info: Contains Eggs and Sugar
Rs. 250 per person
 Rs. 55 per Bottle
Meal-Kit Description
  • Chinese restaurant-style black pepper chicken with juicy and tender chicken slices, crisp veggies, and a rich, savory, and smoky sauce.
What's Included
  • What’s included in the meal-kit:

    Asian Marinated Chicken Slices
    Sauté Mix (in a container)
    Sauce Mix (in a container)
    Corn Starch For Sauce (in a container)

    What you should have:

    2 deep frying pans
    2 cooking stoves
    1 strainer
    Any cooking oil (1 glass x number of persons)
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